This is the repo used for ruTorrent. All ruTorrent relevant plugins and theme adjustments, fixes, additions and extra enhancements will be included here.


ruTorrent is a front-end for the popular Bittorrent client rtorrent.

This project is released under the GPLv3 license, for more details, take a look at the LICENSE.md file in the source.

##Main features

  • Lightweight server side, so it can be installed on old and low-end servers and even on some SOHO routers
  • Extensible - there are several plugins and everybody can create his own one
  • Nice look ;)



##Getting started

  • There's no installation routine or compilation necessary. The sources are cloned/unpacked into a directory which is setup as document root of a web server of your choice (for detailed instructions see the webserver wiki article.
  • After setting up the webserver ruTorrent itself needs to be configured. Instructions can be found in various articles in the wiki.