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**Note: for support questions, please use our ticketing system at [QuickBox.IO]( or our [Discord](**. This repository's issues are reserved for feature requests and bug reports.
* **I'm submitting a ...**
- [ ] general feature request
- [ ] application feature request
- [ ] support request => Please do not submit support request here, see note at the top of this template.
* **Do you want to request a *general feature request* or an *application feature request*?**
* **If this is a General Feature Request what is the current behavior? Additionally, what would you like to see?**
* **If this is an Application Feature Request, please provide us with information about the application you would like included.**
* **What is the motivation / use case for changing or adding to the behavior?**
* **Other information** (e.g. detailed explanation, related issues, suggestions how to fix, links for us to have context)
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